Happy Home Bars Bar Stool Guide

Happy Home Bars Bar Stool Guide


We will break down the different heights, styles and features of each bar stool available. When your finished you be able to distinguish between the different heights and styles. 

Types of Bar Stools


Bar stools can range between 29-32 inches from the ground to the seat (Seat Height). Ideal for bar height counter ranging from 40-42 inches. 

happy home bars bar stool guide happy home bars sunny design bar stool


Counter stools can range between 23-28 inches from the ground to the seat. Ideal for counter height tables and counters ranging from 34-36 inches. 

Happy home bars bar stool guide counter stool


  • Armless & Backless- A armless & Backless bar stools have no arms and backrest hence the name. The usually can be hidden away under the bar or table. Perfect to save room when not in use. 
happy home bars bar stool guide armless bar stool sunny designs


    • Swivel- A swivel bar stool is designed to allow the seat to rotate 360 degrees. 
    happy home bars bar stool guide swivel bar stool

      • Adjustable- A adjustable stool allows you to adjust the height of the stool within a certain range. Perfect for spaces with various counter heights or  ideal if you want a multipurpose stool for different areas. 
      happy home bars buyers guide adjustable bars stool


      • Backrest-A backrest stool is designged with a backrest. Giving addtional comfort while sitting. 
      happy home bars bars stool guide back rest bar stool
      • With Arms- A barstool with arms is equipped with arms to allowing you to rest your arms while sitting. 
      Happy home bars bar stool guide arm bar stool

      Lastly keep in mind to keep a distance between the bar stools and wall, this will allow space to pull out and for comfortable seating.  For ideal comfort bar stool should be at least 6-10 inches between stool and the wall and you want the top of the stool to be 10-12 inches below the bottom of the bar. 


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