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Looking to add that place in your home that you can spend hours reminiscing about the good old days, catching your favorite sporting team go for it all or you just want to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail with friends and family.  

You have many options to choose from. Before you start thinking about wine bottles, spirits and mixers.  Deciding on what type of home bar you want, can be a hard choice. Are looking to turn that den into your entertainment area or want to add an outdoor bar to your backyard?

Allow us help you in purchasing the home bar furniture piece that will create that entertaining area or bar area that will leave your friends speechless. 

Mapping your space

 While many of us dream of that big beautiful bar that can be the centerpiece of any party, the truth is that many of us either don’t have the space, or are unwilling to give up all of that room for their bar.                                                                           

You will want to measure out the space for your home bar, make sure you measure enough space to make drink and room for sitting. Do keep in mind that standard bar height range from 40” to 42”.  

happy home bars home bar measuring for storage and stools

Once you have your measurement your ready to begin looking for your bar.  


Types of Home Bars  

Home bars come in many different sizes and styles. Each will serve a different purpose.   


  • Wet Bar- A home bar that is used for mixing and serving drink with a sink that has running water 

  • Dry Bar- A home Bar that is used for mixing and serving drink but does not have a sink.


  • Folding Bar-A folding bar has sides that fold out to create a larger bar area. While not in use, the sides fold in. This is great option for those looking to save space. 


  • Corner Bar- A corner bar is a bar designed to fit into the corner of a room. This is the best option for space saving and can be used as a decorative piece for dead corner space.

  • Hidden Bar- A hidden bar is a bar that may look like an ordinary piece of furniture but by design keeps your liquor and bar items hidden away until you need them. Great option if your looking to use in a family area.

  • Straight Bar- A straight bar also known as a front bar. Is a bar designed similar to a typical bar you would find at a sports bar or nightclub. It is usually placed away from the wall to accommodates the bartender or host making the drinks. Typical straight bars have ample storage and have a flat counter area the allows guest to sit, eat or drink across from the host.

  • Outdoor Bar- A outdoor bar lets you bring the party to your patio or backyard area.  Made of weather resistant material, they are built to withstand the weather season after season.



Now if those measurement are started to make you worry about your space, don’t despair.  Just because you don’t have endless real estate doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bar in your home.  A smaller bar, bar cart or even a bar cabinet can still be just as functional as a full assembled bar.

Bar cartsCan be an excellent way to give a small or big area a major edge. Coming in many different styles and designs, you’re sure  to find one that meets your needs and style. Bar carts are mobile and great to take the party to any room.

Bar and Wine StorageThese pieces can range in size and style. You can choose one that is similar to a hidden bar. While closed looks similar to a cabinet but when it is opens has areas fro wine storage, cupt holders and much more. 



Or you can choose one that similar to a server and displays your wine bottles. This would be great for a multi purpose area. There is ample storage for additional cups, plates or any other items. 



Wine RacksA wine rack is a set of shelves for organized storage of wine.  Wine racks range in size from 1 bottle to 1,000 bottles and can have more than that. Great addition for any wine enthusiast home to display that great collection. 

Finding your look


The most exciting part of building your bar space is determining your look and style.   A good bar can fit into any style living space.  Are you a modern minimalist looking to blend seamlessly to your new uptown loft? Or a wine enthusiast who wants to transport themselves to the Napa vineyards? Or are you just looking to add a piece to store your alcohol. The most important thing is that no matter what preference or style is, Happyhomebars.com will always have something to much your needs. If you have any question on how to get started or not sure of something.  Send us an email info@happyhomebars.com. One of our experts will be happy to asset.


Home Bar Ideas 

 Many people love to host parties and events at home. They love welcoming their friends and family. If you are one of them, then you probably already thought that it is about time to have your own home bar. 

However, with so many different home bars to choose from, you don't even have a clear idea about how or where you can fit yours. But since you like to serve as the bartender at your parties and events and prepare those delicious cocktails, then getting a home bar is crucial.  

 #1: An Outdoor Home Bar: 

In case you have a large backyard that you usually use for parties and events, then you may want to consider setting up your own home bar outdoors. 

Both the Anderson Teak Altavista and the Anderson Teak Montego are great options. If you check them, the main difference between them is that while the Altavista comes with 2 extra pieces that allows you to have some more storage, the Montego is only a 3-pieces bar set. So, you may need an extra piece of furniture where you can have all the drinks, glasses, and any other material you may need to prepare your famous cocktails. 

 In case you are not looking for any stools, then maybe the Anderson Teak Safari Bar Table is a better option. 


#2: A Simple in Home Bar Table:


The truth is that not all of us are bartenders or love to be one. So, for some people, they are just looking for a home bar they can have at their homes and that everyone can use during parties and events when they feel like a drink. 

As you can imagine, one of the things that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have room to display the different bottles of liquor as well as the glasses, napkins, and any other instruments you believe are missing. 

In this case, you may want to take a look at the Layla Bar Table or at the Zuo Modern Cooper Whiskey Cabinet. Both will look great with any decoration and they shouldn't take a lot of space. 


#3: Rustic Home Bar: 


In case you live up to the mountains or you just like the rustic style, then you need to know that you have great options to get the best rustic

In this case, you should check out the Montana Woodworks Glacier Country and the beautiful and unique Sunset Trading Graphic 9 Bottle Wine Cabinet.


As you can see, you have plenty of options when you are looking for a home bar. Nevertheless, you need to think about where you are going to place your new bar first as well as the kind of use that you want to give to it. This will help you decide on the best home bar for you. 

Notice that before buying, you should make sure that you measure the room where you're going to place the bar. After all, you want it to go perfect with the rest of your decor. 

We hope our  Happy Home Bar Guide will make the process easier and help you find exactly what you are looking for.  Don't forget to check out our Happy Home Bars Bar Stools Guide. 







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